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  • I've been using your lovely skin care exclusively and I'm in love with it! Being in this industry for 24 years and spoiled by what I've found to be the best skincare available, I didn't expect to be so blown away, but your products well exceeded my expectations. The purity, texture, scent, and effectiveness of your products are unparalleled. Your passion and love of what you do is infused within each product. This intangible component gives your products a high vibration, if you will, that is felt while using them. Thank you for sharing your love in this way. -Jennifer Brass

  • Miracle. No, this is not about the Course in Miracles. This is about your Beauty Revitalizing Serum. I woke up this morning and the left side of my face felt amazing. It was smooth and supple, and hadn’t felt that way in ages. I keep feeling my face in disbelief. That was the side that I used the Beauty Revitalizing Serum. I can visibly see the difference. Ok, I need to buy a large bottle of this serum as I plan to use it on my entire face and neck at night. -Despina G

  • Not your generic product at all. When Mira explains that your skin, your largest organ, should be fed properly, it proves both true and surprisingly effective. I experienced the benefit myself, as well as hearing the accolades of many others. Beyond the hype, Rosemira products are designed to meet your needs, and to produce health...y results without the toxic risks. It has this skeptic's very thumbs-up! -Pamela Demarco
  • "Mira's organic skin care products are like no other! She actually formulates and makes all of her products herself, and is an expert in skin care. After trying just a few of her skin care products, I switched to using only her products exclusively on my face, and what a difference that made! My skin has improved immensely, and I have a "glow" that many people remark about. My 15 year old daughter uses her products as well, and often times reaches for mine when she runs out of her own! Her products are safe, all organic, and have an incredible texture and smell." -Amie Breeze

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